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Carla Coria

Office Manager

Lidia Canales

Senior Case Manager

Lidia Canales has been with the law firm since it opened in 2011. As senior case manager, Lidia’s duties include supervising our legal assistants and overlooking all pre-settlement files. She is a skilled liaison between our clients and medical offices to ensure that our clients receive the medical attention that their injuries require. She also guides clients through the property damage process and handles demands. Lidia enjoys spending time with her family, reading books, and shopping.

Veronica Vega

Legal Assistant

Veronica Vega has been with the law firm for 2 years. Her duties include assisting with property damage and total loss offers, coordinating medical appointments, and maintaining client relations. Veronica is also a part of our intake team. During her free time, she enjoys watching movies and learning new cooking recipes.

Danielle Cruz

Legal Assistant

Danielle Cruz has been with the law firm for 1 year. Her duties include opening claims with insurance companies, collecting medical records, assisting with property damage, and providing clients with case updates. During Danielle’s free time she enjoys going to Dodger games, Disneyland, and traveling to new places.

Mariela Aguilar

Legal Assistant

Mariela has been with the law firm for 2 years. Mariela is part of our intake team. She also assists the attorney in making sure that all pertinent government subrogation liens are addressed, takes an active role in client updates and communications and is the assistant to the attorney on all litigation files. During her free time, Mariela enjoys reading books and spending quality time with her loved ones.

Jacob Coria

Law Clerk

Jacob Coria has been with the law firm for 2 years. His duties include handling settlement payments, assisting the attorney with research, developing the firm’s social media presence and creating new merchandise for the law firm. During his free time, Jacob enjoys watching his favorite sports team, such as the Denver Broncos and LA Dodgers.

Matthew Canales

Law Clerk

Matthew Canales has been with the law firm for 6 years. His duties include opening new case files, inputting all pertinent information into our system, creating the final accounting documents for attorney review, obtaining all closing documents from the insurance companies and oversees the file closing procedures in our office. During his free time, Matthew enjoys watching sports.

Eric Jimenez

Law Clerk

Eric Jimenez has been with the law firm for 5 years. His duties include negotiating with insurance companies and doctor offices, finalizing settlement agreements, assisting the attorney with insurance settlement negotiations, medical lien negotiations and confirming that all relevant statutory liens have been addressed . Eric enjoys watching movies and spending time with his nieces and nephews.