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Brain Injuries

Suffered an brain injury? Coria Law can help you maximize the compensation you are entitled to for your medical care, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury is commonly known as the “invisible injury” because the damage cannot physically be seen. Although each individual is affected differently, a brain injury can impair cognitive performance and ability. When someone is injured due to the negligent actions of another, this gives rise to the ability to file a claim against the other person or their insurance company. If we are able to prove the negligence of another, we will then be able to obtain a fair and just compensation for our injured client.

Most Common Causes of Brain Injuries:

Car Accidents: Hitting your head against something within the vehicle or against the vehicle itself can cause possible concussions, blackouts, and/or brain bleeds.
Slip and Fall Accidents: Some slip and fall accidents lead to an individual’s head landing or hitting against hard surfaces which can cause concern for possible brain injuries.
Bicycle/Motorcycle/ and Pedestrian Accidents: Some car accidents that include a bicyclist, motorcyclist, or pedestrian can lead to major brain damage as your body is highly.

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If you have been injured and believe someone else is to blame for the injury in an incident, outside of the course of your employment, you may be entitled to a personal injury case. Coria Law has the ability to assist you in obtaining compensation for, but not limited to, medical expenses, property damage, pain and suffering, and lost wages. We will always prioritize your health and make sure you get the treatment you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a claim or lawsuit can be very time consuming and difficult, there is no harm in getting a free consultation about your case. Our attorney is able to explain the rules of the state of California and help you decide whether it would be better to go ahead with a claim or file a lawsuit.

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What are signs of traumatic brain injuries to look out for?

Recognizable signs of traumatic brain injuries include:
+ Dizziness
+ Vomiting
+ Headaches
+ Memory loss
+ Loss of consciousness
+ Blurred vision
+ Issues with speech

Signs of traumatic brain injuries that are not easily recognizable include:
+ Personality changes
+ Anxiety
+ Depression
+ Impaired judgment
+ Inability to concentrate

What damages can I recover from a brain jury claim/lawsuit?

Damages you are able to recover include:
+ Hospital Bills
+ Rehabilitation
+ Ongoing care
+ Lost wages
+ Loss of future income
+ Pain and suffering

How can a brain injury attorney help me with my case?

At Coria Law, we prioritize treatment of our clients because it is important that all injuries are addressed and cared for properly. Our office works with many medical doctors and facilities across Southern California. With the resources we have, we are able to get you into all types of medical treatment needed right away.

Secondly, we take on the responsibility of obtaining compensation from the responsible party. Many insurance companies and at-fault parties will low-ball victims without attorneys. Surprisingly, many people take those offers because they do not fully know what their case/situation is worth. An attorney would be able to evaluate your case and fight for a fair compensation.

How much does an attorney charge for their services?

At Coria Law, we work on a contingency basis. Thus, if we don’t win, you don’t pay! This is provided to all of our clients in writing upon them hiring our firm.